les intérieurs françois bérubé
interior design
Vadim Daniel Photography

Comfort, elegance and sophistication are my key words for every interior I create. My signature style is eclectic, a fusion of classical and contemporary elements, where antique opposes modern and where vintage pieces coexist with the latest designs in furniture. I try to avoid trends and to give my interiors a timeless and distinctive feeling, sometimes edgy, but always in harmony.

Numerous experiences led me to the world of interior design. As a child, I would take immense pleasure in admiring luxurious interiors featured in magazines, making them my own and transforming them according to my taste and imagination. Later on, overwhelmed by the splendors of Classicism and the work of the Mid-Century creators and designers, it was truly the History of Art that sparked emotive responses in me to become an interior designer and to immerse myself into this world of creation.

The creative process is set in motion at the first meeting with my clients, when I come in contact with their universe. From that moment on, I strive to fuse my vision to their needs and desires. In order to ensure personalized service and fulfillment of all of my clients' expectations, I collaborate closely with a team of extremely talented artisans and highly skilled professionals. My satisfaction is complete when my clients' expectations are exceeded and they are thrilled with their new home and the entire process of putting it all together.